Dinner with Corey is BACK

Corey is kicking off the 2021 Dinner with Corey series with an Earth Hour special!

Chef Corey and the unstoppable Peggy Chan team up for #projectdrawdown in a multi-course feast, with six sustainable dishes.

Inspired by solutions to reduce the world's carbon footprint through food, expect courses like the food waste-friendly Ugly Carrot Hummus, plant-based Baharat Spiced Tofu and the clean energy L.E.D-grown Black Garlic and Cabbage Millefuille.

With two seatings - 6pm and 8:15pm - Peggy and Corey will introduce every dish and the sustainable goals behind them, each diner will receive a handmade and zero-waste preserve to take home and inspire the #EarthHour movement!


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