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Meraki has no literal translation, it describes the act of doing something with soul, creativity or love, to the point there’s a piece of yourself in the work. It’s the intangible drive of our approach to hospitality and our people culture. This is how we hope our contribution to the community is remembered.

Meraki Hospitality Group is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2018 by brother and sister duo Alexis & Laura Offe. 

With the Offes, hospitality is a family affair. Having grown up around the industry, working for hotel groups and free standing restaurants, Alex & Laura wanted to create a company that spoke to their passions and their philosophy of working hard while having fun in the way they do business.

Our Values


  1. We’re not here to follow trends. We’re here to add colour, evoke emotions and be more than memorable.

  2. Strength doesn’t lie in our similarities but in our differences. Be yourself, we will embrace the true you!

  3. We embrace change. Einstein said it best!

  4. We believe in social consciousness. We can’t promise to always get it right, but we’ll do what we can to dedicate time to what we believe in. 

  5. No matter where we are or what we do, we’re obsessed with making a positive impact with our partners. 



Meraki is about uniting groups of like-minded people whether it is partners or guests.
Alex & Laura’s ambitions travel beyond Hong Kong and restaurants. The team develops concepts that have the legs to grow into something bigger.

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Our Vision
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