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Hospitality isn’t about individualism, it’s about teamwork and constant support from the different arms of the business. The Ops people wouldn’t be able to sell anything if they didn’t have the culinary and the bar peeps to create stuff and there wouldn’t be any paid salaries or customers coming through the doors without the office peeps. At Meraki Hospitality Group, we play to each other’s strengths to give the best everyday.

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The Office family

Girl power through and through, come down to the office at any time of the day and you’ll hear loud voices and strong opinions but most importantly they’ll be there in a jiffy if ever you need support or just want to bounce off ideas.

The Culinary family

Tattooed, gentle giants that are passionate about their craft, the culinary team is there to share their love for food. Coming from different walks of life, they constantly create and develop new flavor combinations to the delight of our guests and our teams.

The Ops family

It's not an easy feat to be part of the operations team, they are the coordinators, making sure that all the food, the drinks and everything in between is served to the table perfectly. They deal with the happy and not so happy folks that come through the doors while keeping a cool, calm, collected vibe and a smile in their eyes.

The Bar family

Stirring, shaking and pouring, the bar sets the vibe for the restaurant, whether you’re a guest or part of the team, they’ll make sure you’re having a good time.

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