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Adopt A Farmer Programme

It is known that the food system is the single biggest cause of global warming; the destruction of rainforests and ocean life, emitting more carbon into our atmosphere and degrading soil biodiversity.

In a step towards tackling these issues, we are doing our part to implement an environmentally conscious approach to food at BEDU.

Supporting ethical farming, soil conservation, waste reduction, and more immediately; sourcing in-season, locally grown produce, Chef Corey aims to close the gaps in farm-to-table supply chains and serve a menu that hopefully inspires Hong Kongers to embrace sustainable eating.

Starting from December, we’re working with farmer Cheung in Kam Tin and other Zero Foodprint partners to plan our harvests for the months ahead. From cabbage and tomatoes to peaches and eggplant, we’re aiming to match the demand to the supply.


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