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At Meraki Hospitality Group, we provide you with our business insight through our consultancy company The Box Partnership.

It is a boutique consulting firm specialized in Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Retail. We advise clients in the Asia Pacific Region, the Middle East and Europe that are looking to open a business as well as clients that are facing difficulties with their existing business and need advice.


Whether you’re looking to open your own restaurant, bar or café, or you’re looking to improve your business’s performance, The Box Partnership provides three different categories of services:


We help you start your own business by working with you on your concept development, your branding and help manage your project.


No retail or food and beverage business can make an impact in the market without a clear understanding of their customers and their pricing strategy. At The Box Partnership, we help you with your market research, develop your marketing strategy and review it as we go along. 


If you already have a business running and are looking to do better, we’ll be happy to audit it for you and provide solutions. 

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